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Effective Lease Management with Accurate Data at Your Fingertips

Data integrity is a key component of any commercial property management system. It plays a key role in your organization’s ability to make important operational and financial decisions, report on the success and health of your portfolio, and ensure that your leases are aligned with the strategic direction of the business.

However, for most real estate organizations, the dependency on human abstraction of complicated and lengthy lease contracts, manual tracking, and data entry processes often results in inaccurate or error-prone data inside your property management system. It can make it difficult to run analysis or make important decisions, lead to missed revenue opportunities, or the inability to deliver a clear picture of your portfolio performance.

Inaccurate property management system data is an unfortunate reality, but you don’t have to settle for it. With AI-powered end-to-end lease abstraction, you can extract, analyze, and consume accurate data directly in your property management system. The Lease Intelligence and Property Management X single experience ensures completeness of data, allowing you to gain full portfolio transparency while saving you time and money.

In this webinar, we’ll showcase:

  • The automated workflow process from lease abstraction to lease intelligence
  • How to directly access accurate key lease information in your property management system
  • How to simplify additional reviews during the lease lifecycle with a direct link to the original lease agreement

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