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Best Practices in Visitor Management

Are you putting the proper emphasis on building security and office safety? Workspeed’s Visitor Management feature gives you the tools you need to keep track of who’s inside your properties and when. Designed to streamline lobby traffic and enhance overall building security, this powerful solution for commercial real estate provides building operations and security personnel with an intuitive interface to quickly register and check-in visitors.

Through Visitor Management, you’ll be able to boost tenant satisfaction by streamlining the visitor and tenant experience. Visitors can pick up badges that are waiting for them when they arrive to check in and, when they do, the tenant they’re visiting will be automatically notified. Visitor Management also provides access to visitor records that back up insurance claims by verifying where visitors have been.

Watch Dave Heckathorn, Brad Pruente, and Andy Welkley in this webinar as they dive into:

  • Why security is critical for today’s commercial property managers and landlords
  • The value of visitor management systems to your tenants
  • How to improve tenant satisfaction and security through effective visitor management

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