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Become a Data Visionary: How to Turn Data into Actionable Information

Every day we are being bombarded with more and more data. While you and your team have become adept at collecting large quantities of data from a variety of sources, it can often be a struggle to put all the data to use to make strategic decisions, identify opportunities or reduce the risk you face. The inability to pull data sets together or explore the data from different perspectives makes all the data you are collecting less valuable to your organization. In this session, MRI’s data experts will show you how the Analytix solution from MRI can solve these challenges and deliver the answers to your teams most pressing questions. You will learn how to:

  • Utilize visual dashboards that deliver powerful analytic and Ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Analyze your full portfolio with a real estate datastore derived from multiple MRI solutions
  • Take advantage of the self-service capability that enables you to explore your data and answer your most pressing questions

Today’s environment is more competitive than ever and firms need more information than ever to make critical decisions to maximize the value of their investments. From suite or entity level views all the way through full portfolio perspectives, MRI data experts will describe how the MRI Analytix solution can be easily leveraged to identify trends and drive more insightful decision making.

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