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Angus Connect - Clunky, slow, unresponsive communication is the bain of occupiers

Clunky, slow, unresponsive communication is the bain of occupiers

Busy workers don’t have time to check the service directory, follow email trails and wait for call backs when they need something.
That just wastes time and gets in the way of business.

Let’s be clear. If being in the office makes it hard for occupiers to achieve their goals, your office will soon be empty.

Angus Connect helps occupiers connect, gain access and get things done faster



Easy messaging to buildings, floors, occupiers or individuals.



Instant service request, response, tracking and more


Friction free access for occupiers and guests

Angus Connect -

"No one tells me anything"

The most frequent complaint that building operators hear from occupiers is “we weren’t asked” or “we weren’t told”. 

In the age of mobile apps there’s no excuse for being out of touch or disconnected with occupiers. 

As their service expectations have risen so has the competition for the best quality occupiers. With so much at stake it’s essential for property owners and operators to deliver outstanding service without straining resources. 

That’s why MRI Connect has been developed and perfected over many years, to deliver an experience that occupiers will love.  

3 steps to optimize your building operation and delight your occupiers

1. Book a demo

Tell us the challenges you want to solve and we’ll show you how our software can help.

2. Get a customized solution

Select the solution(s) you need and we’ll customize and implement it for you.

3. Make occupiers feel good

Deliver touch of a button services to delight occupiers and streamline your business.

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