Reduce the inequality in education and housing

Create a positive impact for underserved communities

Be proud you're making a difference

The inequality in education and housing will continue to increase.

You feel inadequate and hopeless for not making a difference and you feel your daily actions are not positively impacting other people.
You deserve to be able to make a difference in this world whilst providing for your family and working on your business.

Rest assured you're making this world a better place for everyone with the MRI Software Foundation

Positive Impact

Your everyday actions and your business make a positive impact for underserved communities.

Be Proud

Feel satisfied you're improving other people's quality of life and making them happier.

Bigger Than You

Know you're part of something bigger than just you.

That's why the MRI Software Foundation has deployed more than $200,000 in four continents

The charities we support work on improving


Science & Technology


Food Banks & Meal Services

Disaster Relief

Recent grants around the globe

The MRI Software Foundation has granted donations to multiple organizations worldwide in support of community initiatives.


We have donated to’s India COVID-19 relief fund. Our donation will provide five oxygen concentrators, 12 BiPAP machines and 750 pulse oximeters.

The Raise Fund

Our donation to The Raise Fund will be used to support mental health programming in an underserved school district in Australia.

Girls Who Code

Our donation to Girls Who Code will be used to support programming to increase the representation of young women in computer science fields.

Ohio Invention League

We have donated to the Ohio Invention League and 26 employees have volunteered to be judges in this year’s Invention Convention. The Ohio Invention League provides invention-centric education through hands-on, real-world, project-based learning activities and exciting events at school.

North Texas Food Bank

Our donation to the North Texas Food Bank will be used to feed hungry families in the North Texas area.

Malala Fund

We have made a donation to the Malala Fund, an international, non-profit organization that advocates for girls’ education.

DMI Community Centre

Our donation to the DMI Community Centre will be used to purchase food for their food bank and to fund outreach services to vulnerable community members in the Denholme, UK area.

Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area

Our donation to Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area will be used for food and supplies for their programing in conjunction with the Albany Housing Authority.

Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless

We have made a donation to the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH), whose mission is to organize and empower homeless and at-risk men, women and children to break the cycle of poverty through public education, advocacy and the creation of nurturing environments.

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