A comprehensive property management database to improve workflow

MRI Qube PM is built around a powerful property management database for recording core owner, estate, property, unit and tenant information. Its logical structure offers not only ease of configuration, but also an intuitive user experience with clear, concise screens and streamlined workflow.

With fast access to a wide array of standard reports, you can also create your own specific, bespoke instances via the fully integrated Report Wizard. Easily enter and monitor budgets, perform bank reconciliations, view profit and loss reports at property level, and consolidate rent accounting (including rent-free periods, stepped and back rent). Perform invoicing of tenant charges with customised demands, and monitor and analyse regular outgoings (head rents, etc.).


  • Year-end processing of service charge administration with automatic calculation of next year’s on account charges, including capped charges.

  • Track income and expenditure to generate more accurate income forecasts.

  • Control tenant arrears, calculate and charge interest, and monitor payment performance.

  • User-defined fields and screens to store customer-specific information.

  • Assisting compliance with legislation, regulation and guidance in service charge management, RICS funds testing, FICO, CIS, UK and Irish lease structures and rules governing VAT.

  • Comprehensive tenant demand suite for formulating demand runs in line with business procedures and legislative requirements.

  • Flexible management reporting with output to Word, Excel, HTML, XML, email and more.

  • Efficient processing of tenant receipts; batch postings, Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

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