Empower your team members

Let your team access critical data anytime and anywhere with a centralised repository of all information required by tenants.

Maximise profitability

Automate complex, critical lease calculations so you can spend more time on value-adding tasks.

Improve decision making

Make better informed strategic decisions with superior insight into portfolio performance.

Property Management

Simplify your operations and strategy with commercial property management software

MRI’s commercial real estate software gives you the freedom to scale your real estate business. Simplify the management of your office, industrial, and retail properties by automating complex lease calculations, including lease clauses, breakpoints, offsets, estimated payments, and recoveries. With one centralised data repository, your commercial property management and leasing teams will always have access to the latest tenant information. Configurable reporting and data visualisation tools allow you to tailor the solution for your needs, without compromising the user experience.

Reduce costs and enhance experiences for your tenants

Portfolio Analytics & Reporting

Reporting and analytics

Portfolio Analytics & Reporting

Gain valuable insight into your data to make accurate, strategic decisions about portfolio performance and produce actionable, easy-to-understand reports.



Lease administration

Accounting Software

Lease administration

Empower your property management and leasing teams with the most up-to-date centralised building and lease information with a solution that empowers you to see across your entire portfolio.  Automate the full range of lease clauses, breakpoints, offsets, estimated payments, and recoveries, so you never miss the most important business information buried within your data.



Advanced Retail Management

Advanced retail management

Advanced Retail Management

Never miss a key term and improve the performance of your retail operations by automating retail lease calculations, including offsets, breakpoints, and recoveries.


Online Tenant Portal

Online Tenant Portal

Online Tenant Portal

An online portal brings account information to your tenants anytime, anywhere – while also streamlining your property operations.

AI Lease Abstraction

Lease Abstraction

AI Lease Abstraction

AI-powered lease abstraction helps you extract, analyse and consume data from commercial leases and gain auditability and transparency.

Commercial Property Marketing

Property Marketing

Commercial Property Marketing

Lease your commercial spaces faster with a platform that connects your marketing and leasing data in one central location.

Building Operations

Facilities Management Software

Building Operations

Complete management of all activities necessary to operate, maintain, and manage commercial buildings and gain the highest levels of tenant satisfaction.

3 Steps to become a commercial property visionary

1. Schedule a no-obligation customised demo with an experienced consultant.

2. Start with just one or as many elements of our commercial solutions as you need.

3. Have confidence that you can scale up your system to grow with your business.


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