MRI OnLocation - Create the best work environment for your people

Create the best work environment for your people

With hybrid work strategies that turn workplace attendance into a guessing game, keeping employees, visitors, and contractors safe has never been more challenging. Property and facilities managers shouldn’t have to deal with guesswork when it comes to accounting for the people who are on the premises. Access rich operational data to secure your workspace, instill confidence in your employees and visitors, and ensure you can account for everyone in an emergency.

Pre-screen everyone onsite to ensure they meet your health and safety requirements.

Offer a hygienic sign in method with touchless entry.

Keep track of employees working onsite.

Empower hybrid working with desk booking and employee scheduling.

Manage people presence with one subscription


Manage employee profiles, permissions, and presence to support your site security. Use the OnLocation mobile app for an easy, no-touch sign in to track who is on and off-site and those working alone.

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Manage contractors' attendance, hazard notice compliance, and induction management across multiple facilities. All backed with powerful reporting and insight.

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Manage employee profiles, permissions, and presence to support your site security. Use the OnLocation mobile app for an easy, no-touch employee sign in to track who is on and off-site and those working alone.

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Account for everyone on-site in an emergency with manual roll calls, self-verify, collaboration and insight, mustering and evacuation reports.

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MRI OnLocation

MRI OnLocation helps organisations keep over 19 million employees and 34 million visitors safe while in their duty of care

  • Easily utilise solutions from any operating system and on both desktops and tablets. 
  • Access all features from one subscription – visitor, employee, contractor, and emergency management.
  • Ensure your success with online, over the phone, and self-service support tools available 24/7.
  • Have confidence in OnLocation as an ISO:270001 certified solution.

Track and manage employees, contractors, visitors, and emergencies with one integrated product suite

Flexible Working


Flexible Working

Give your employees the power to create their work schedule, book a desk or parking space. Create zones so teams can collaborate and work together. Get visibility of who is due on site when and get alerted when occupancy limits are nearing capacity.

Go Touchless

MRI OnLocation

Go Touchless

Minimise the risk of spreading seasonal flu strains and cut down waiting times by allowing employees and guests to scan a QR code and sign in from their smartphone’s browser.


Screen & Verify

MRI OnLocation

Screen & Verify

Verify employee and guest information, like health screening questions or NDA signatures, by simply scanning a passport, driver’s license, or generic photo ID information at sign in.

Lone worker tracking

employee sign in

Lone worker tracking

Receive notifications when employees sign in to work alone. Ask employees to log their expected duration on-site and send their location when working remotely. Employees can trigger an SOS alert in the event of an emergency through the mobile app, pinpointing their geolocation.


Rich data

emergency management software

Rich data

Report extensive, real-time information, from who is on-site at a particular time, to how long a lone worker spent in a particular area. Track and manage an emergency in real time and submit post-incident summaries to better understand your operations and crisis preparedness.

MRI OnLocation - Why thousands of businesses use OnLocation

Why thousands of businesses use OnLocation

Beyond simple sign-in capabilities of traditional visitor management, OnLocation empowers your organisation to take a comprehensive approach to people presence management. Screen and track the flow of visitors, contractors, and employees through various touchpoints and across multiple facilities or work sites. 

Organisations trust OnLocation to strengthen their security, aid compliance, and utilise rich operational data with an extensive feature set that can serve to meet complex security needs, regardless of business type or size. OnLocation lets you transform your organisation into a more secure, connected, and efficient environment. 

Trusted by organisations of all sizes

MRI OnLocation

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