visitor management system

Optimize your workplace with a comprehensive visitor management system

Protecting those in your duty of care starts with knowing who is on-site. Use our visitor management software to easily track who’s on-site. With the ability to pre-register visitors, multiple ways to check in from a self-serve kiosk to touchless the options allow you to manage your visitors the best way that suits your organization’s needs, policies and processes.

Screen, track and report on all visitors. Ensure only those guest who have provided the relevant information, agreed to your on-site and signed your NDA are able to gain access. No matter what your polices are ensure your visitors have completed the relevant steps prior to gaining access.


Go touchless

Switch your kiosk to touchless mode or print and display QR code posters.

Screen and verify identity

Add an extra layer of security to the way you greet, manage and maintain your on-site security.

Pre register visitors

Pre-register visitors to ensure a fast and polished customer experience.

Arrival notifications

Remove the need for your reception or security team to chase down hosts when guest have arrived on-site by using automated arrival notifications.

visitor management system


  • Gain rich operation reporting know who is visiting whom, for how long, how frequently and much more.

  • Set a custom message to your delivery agents and instantly notify employees when they have received a parcel or catering has arrived.

  • Pre-register visitors to save time and provide a seamless sign in process.

  • In the unfortunate event of an emergency have peace of mind that you can quickly contact trace and alert those who were on-site at the same time.

  • Give your reception team an extra layer of security with a built in silent panic alarm should they need assistance quickly.

  • Use the hardware that suits your organization; iPad, Windows Tablet or PC.

  • One subscription, per location with access to all features; contractor, employee, visitor, and evacuation management.

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