Contractor Management Software

Ensure your workplace is safe with easy to use contractor management software

Contactors are vital to ensure your workplace is safe and operating at peak performance. It can be challenging for Facility Managers to know when a contractor is on-site, who is due to be on-site and if they have the right qualifications and insurance to have access. Layer on top the need to be inducted to be aware of and comply with your site policies, procedures and induction, it’s not a simple or easy task.

Our contractor management software makes it easy for you to set up and manage contractor and supplier profiles, record key contracts, when the contract expires and which of your sites the contract applies to. Your contractors can sign in and out of a location in multiple ways: tag in/out by scanning a token, at a self-serve kiosk, using their smartphone’s browser for touchless sign in, at the reception desk or with the WolMobile app. Remove the guesswork from tracking when contractors are working alone, in at-risk areas or at an off-site location.

Contractor management software features

Touchless sign in/out

Set your kiosk to touchless mode, or print and display QR code posters for quick, easy and hygienic sign in. Contractors scan the QR code displayed on the kiosk or poster to complete sign in for their smartphone’s browser. No app download required.

Access permissions

Grant specific location access permissions to each organization and/or individual contractor, including temporary access. Individuals can be banned from all sites if required.

Contractor Portal

Ensure records are accurate and up-to-date by empowering contractors to manage their own information and documents in the contractor portal.

Document verification

Store qualification and insurance documentation against each organization or contractor profile. Empower your contractors to keep their own documents up to date, and send automated reminders when they’re due for renewal.

Contractor Management Software


  • Dedicated contractor portal which your contactor can manage and keep up to date.

  • Get alerted when a contractor is overdue on an assignment.

  • Rich operational reporting to measure track and report on insurance, qualification or induction details (like upcoming renewal dates or expired records).

  • Get contactors to complete inductions remotely or have a dedicated kiosk in at your workplace.

  • Empower contractors to log their location when working remotely and at risk, and send SOS alerts in the event of an emergency.

  • One subscription, per location with access to all features; contractor, employee, visitor, and evacuation management.

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