Manage every property type and discipline in one flexible system

The rise of the customer has meant residents, leaseholders and commercial tenants are expecting more from landlords and property managers. There is now a requirement for 24/7 self-service and all tenancy information in one place, accessible from any device. Queries and maintenance services are expected to be dealt with quickly and efficiently and excuses and inaccuracies are not accepted. Nowadays, there is also the opportunity to gain revenue from additional services to occupiers. MRI Qube Property Management has allowed some of the leading names in the industry to grow from small enterprises to national brands, and has helped organisations previously using other software to take the step up to the next level. And in today’s customer service age, by delivering all of the right tools, it is still keeping these brands ahead of their competition.


Customer engagement

Seamlessly combine with resident, tenant and payment portals to deliver unsurpassed service.

Mutli-discipline functionality

Stay flexible with a solution that can easily handle mixed-use property management, proven across residential, commercial and land assets.

Powerful accounting capabilities

Run complex calculations with the most comprehensive service charge, demand, debt control and client reporting engines in the market.

Access anytime, anywhere

Benefit from fully integrated mobile tools and access your property information while out on site.

Gain full financial control

Use built-in accounting tools to achieve complete oversight of your real estate income and expenditure.

Streamline your property management processes

Track, measure and record your activities with detailed workflow capabilities.

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