Version X.4 now available

Version X.4 now available

MRI Software is proud to announce Version X.4, the latest release of our web-based real estate accounting and property management software. Building off the strong foundation of our popular Version X platform, X.4 combines powerful new functionality with feature enhancements to
improve the user experience and expand data mobility.

MRI Investment Accounting – NEW!

Version X.4 provides access to Investment Accounting, a separate module that provides automated consolidated financials and investor reporting. As the latest addition to MRI’s Investment Management suite, the new solution automates the process of generating consolidated financial statements, manages contributions and distributions, and offers flexible investor reporting. Real estate investment funds and REITs can reduce errors, save time, and ensure auditability while keeping key investors informed.

MRI Rapid Reports – NEW!

Version X.4 introduces Rapid Reports, an ad hoc drag-and-drop reporting tool that allows users to select pre-defined data points and view them in a report. This provides a quick and easy way to generate simple reports and get insight into your data.

Enhanced user experience

Version X.4 includes a modern user interface that offers a more aesthetically pleasing software experience. With a new page layout and menu designed to complement processes, you can streamline your workflow and navigate the software more quickly.

Global search functionality

Our innovative global search capability, MRI•GO allows users to find the information they need with one global search that covers all records and databases. The task-driven functionality allows you to launch reports and workflows directly from the search results, so not only do you get the results you’re looking for, you can take action on them and significantly streamline the process.

Windows to Web parity

In Version X.4, MRI clients can access virtually all Windows functionality via the web. In addition, you get the freedom to use different browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Access the full software anytime, anywhere from your tablet or mobile device.

Want to learn more about what’s new in Version X.4? Download the features list.

Already an MRI Software client? Download Version X.4 from the MyMRI client portal.


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