Is your property ready to welcome the warmer weather?

The MRI Software headquarters is located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio so as you can imagine we are eagerly awaiting the warmer spring weather. Spring not only brings thawing temperatures it also means tenants and prospective tenants will be venturing outside more so it’s important that your property is well landscaped and inviting. A well-manicured lawn and pleasant décor will attract new visitors and create a positive association with your property among current and future residents. Below are five tips to prep your property for spring which are inspired in part by the article, “7 Landscaping Tips to Prep your Property for Spring” by Chris Lee

  1. Remove winter damage from plants, grasses and shrubs
    • If your winter was anything like ours here in Cleveland, your plants and overall landscape took quite a beating so taking some time to remove and repair that damage in preparation for spring is a great way to start.
  2. De-winterize sprinkler systems after final seasonal freeze
    • After the last freeze of the season, irrigation systems need to be drained, brought back on line, and tested. Leaks may have developed or lines expanded and cracked during the winter so it’s important to test these systems to avoid a more catastrophic event.
  3. Install new plantings and mulch
    • In general, spring is the ideal time to plant new trees, dormant grasses, and shrubs. The article also points out that this is a great time to apply mulch so that those planting beds are protected and healthy going in to the growing season.
  4. Make it easier for your tenants to do business and interact with you
    • Spring is not only a great time to prepare and update your landscaping; it is also a great time to update your tenant experience. Brighten up your website with enhanced functionality such as MRI’s Tenant and Resident Connect portals providing tenants the ability to view statements, make payments and submit service requests online. Ring in the spring season by brining your tenant interaction online, which your tenants would appreciate just as they would a freshly planted bed of flowers or an updated lobby.
  5. Freshen up your property website
    • Your virtual landscape is perhaps even more important in today’s world than the natural landscape. Just as you make efforts to make your property landscape more attractive, do the same for your virtual one. Apply a new template, new graphics, photos, interactive walk-throughs, etc. to further differentiate yourself from the competition.

As spring approaches, take some time to ensure that your property is ready to see the sunlight. Update both your natural and virtual landscapes so that your property shows its full potential.

If you have your own tips for getting a property ready for Spring leave us a comment below.

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