3 keys to mastering multifamily maintenance communications

It’s no secret that property management maintenance in multifamily communities can make or break the resident experience. Multifamily maintenance miscommunications can include missed calls returned too late, disagreements about service requests, or a poorly timed notification of property maintenance. These often lead to dissatisfied residents, and in some cases, the loss of an expected lease renewal.

As a residential property manager, you should always be looking to minimize the impact of service requests or maintenance notifications to protect your bottom line. Implement a solution that will help resolve maintenance requests in a timely and efficient manner and keep your residents adequately updated on community information to improve resident satisfaction. Here are a few ways you can keep residents satisfied with their maintenance experience.

1. Track multifamily maintenance requests

Maintenance, while usually undertaken for a constructive purpose, is almost always inconvenient. There’s no way to completely eliminate that inconvenience, but as a residential property manager, you can implement multifamily maintenance software to ensure that process is as painless as possible. With solutions like CallMaX Automated Communications, you can better manage maintenance requests and increase resident satisfaction. If a resident calls your property management office, CallMaX can be used to:

  • Track calls between residents and maintenance staff.
  • Call the resident to discuss the request.
  • Send the resident pre-scripted replies.

2. Keep residents informed

CallMaX can also be used to send out bulk emails to as many residents as you choose.
For example, if maintenance is needed on one side of your residential property, you can use CallMaX to both send out surveys to residents in that part of the community asking when an opportune time would be to schedule maintenance, and later, send out notifications regarding the scheduled maintenance dates. In addition, automated page-outs ensure that resident issues are accurately relayed to your on-call maintenance staff, and pre-programmed phone responses send residents updates on the status of their request.

3. Hold maintenance staff accountable

If your residents require emergency maintenance, CallMaX will record data like maintenance worker’s response time, whether the technician answered the call on the first try or if the call had to be directed to backup personnel. This property maintenance software can also record any responses delivered to that resident, including conversations between maintenance staff and the resident that were made through CallMaX. Having this information on file will affect your ability to monitor resident satisfaction and help identify areas for improvement.

CallMaX gives residential property managers the apartment communications software they need to efficiently manage maintenance requests, improve the resident experience and, by extension, increase renewals. To learn more about CallMaX products, how they integrate with your business, and how they can be used to improve resident satisfaction, check out our webinar here!

Case Studies

Severn Management Company Uses Callmax to Improve Maintenance Response

Learn about how Severn Management Company, a real estate development company based in Annapolis, M.D., uses Callmax to improve ease of communication and property staff response time, providing high quality maintenance experiences.

Severn Callmax case study
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