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How to automatically document maintenance requests for public/affordable housing

Is keeping up with maintenance calls taking over your day?

Trying to maintain an ever-growing maintenance request queue is a tough job. It’s critical to maintain records of every request—emergency or routine—and get them resolved in a timely manner. Without the right tools, this can be a major headache for your housing team.

Watch our on-demand session where we’ll discuss how Callmax Maintenance, an automated, interactive answering service, makes handling maintenance requests a breeze. You maintain control of your technicians’ schedules and emergency page-out procedures, then Callmax handles those calls in real time — 24/7/365.

In this session, you’ll learn about the value Callmax can provide to your public or affordable housing community:

  • You’ll never miss a maintenance call, whether it’s during the day or middle of the night
  • Ensure every maintenance request is documented and addressed, without creating extra work for your staff
  • You’ll provide an exceptional service to residents while reducing the burden on your office staff and technicians

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