A dedicated portfolio planning platform - Focus on long-term results

Focus on long-term results

You need complete confidence in your investment and asset planning decisions. Portfolio strategies must deliver returns, and help communities to flourish.

A dedicated portfolio planning platform - Overcome hurdles

Overcome hurdles

There’s no room for error, such as inaccurate future forecasting based on messy, disparate data held in spreadsheets or siloed solutions.

A dedicated portfolio planning platform - Discover a way forward

Discover a way forward

Break free from the shackles of closed software, bring your data together and utilize property, asset, investment, fund, debt, valuations and reporting capabilities in a single software experience.

A dedicated portfolio planning platform - See into the future

See into the future

Be sure your decisions are the right ones by accurately managing cashflow, forecasting performance and shining a light on the ‘what ifs’ of tomorrow. You’re safeguarding your investments, while maximizing your opportunities.

A dedicated portfolio planning platform - Enhance your debt position

Enhance your debt position

And by layering in a debt component, you receive a comprehensive and undeniable view of how portfolios are truly performing meaning you’re never left in the dark.

A dedicated portfolio planning platform - Stay ahead of the curve

Stay ahead of the curve

In today’s unprecedented global economic climate, you can quickly and accurately value your acquisitions and existing properties – a task vital to your success.

A dedicated portfolio planning platform - Simplify your valuations process

Simplify your valuations process

And you can incorporate third-party valuations data directly into your scenario-planning tools, accommodating core valuation methodologies, with no need for manual intervention.

A dedicated portfolio planning platform - Easily report on data

Easily report on data

Thanks to integrated analytics, you can access data-rich, visualised and shared reporting – with an advanced ‘model merge’ function to quickly and easily show the impacts of valuations.

A dedicated portfolio planning platform - Maximize efficiencies

Maximize efficiencies

While end-to-end integration means the solution is driven by accurate, real-time underlying data pulling automatically from your operational and property management systems.

The result? Complete control with a dedicated portfolio planning platform.

Property & asset management

Connect with operational systems to provide the most complete and accurate picture.


Assess the impact of trends and market shifts on your portfolio across asset, fund and debt.

Valuers & valuations

Produce and incorpoate accurate and timely valuations of complex real estate assets.

Analytics & reporting

Visualise complex data, identify trends and make faster, better-informed decisions.

A dedicated portfolio planning platform - Unlock strategic insights

Unlock strategic insights

Forward-thinking property investment organizations are delivering better returns now, and are seeing asset performance continue to grow in the future. It’s time to join them, and embrace a connected view of your data and information.