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MRI VaultWare Market Comps

Trust your market surveys with accurate apartment market data updated weekly

Know Your Market Before the Competition

Are you satisfied with the quality and frequency of your market surveys? It’s critical that you are making sound business decisions based on current and locally relevant market information. Previously only available to VaultWare customers, VaultWare Market Comps eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone practice of property staff calling numerous competitive properties to obtain their current rental rates. With automatic, weekly data updates, properties can now easily see accurate competitive pricing and quickly be aware of rent changes for different apartment types in their defined competitive market.


Automate Your Market Surveys

Simplify the process of collecting current and accurate local competitive rent data in the highly dynamic multifamily market. With VaultWare Market Comps you’ll benefit from:

  • Business decision confidence with the industry’s most current apartment market data with weekly updates
  • Easy data analysis with dynamic charts, historical data, and export to Excel capabilities
  • Market knowledge as it happens with configurable market alerts that notify you when your competitive market deviates from your property at your defined thresholds
VaultWare Market Comps Separated Competitors Survey