Residential Management

MRI Residential Management

A Fully Integrated Set of Offerings Designed to Support the Management of Multifamily Properties

At MRI Software, we believe clients deserve choice and flexibility. Creating a unique solution set that empowers your business has never been easier and our robust library of partners in the property management software space provides limitless flexibility. Don’t settle for a limited solution – give your business the power of endless choice.

Clearly, from making multi-million dollar investment decisions to even determining lease expirations, having access to accurate, real-time data is critical. But it doesn’t stop there. The same information you use as the basis for your decisions will become a measuring stick against which you can compare your actual performance. Not only will this allow you to evaluate and refine your decisions, but it also will help you exercise greater control over your day-to-day management activities. You need a management tool to maximize income, increase occupancy, and streamline operations that helps you deliver the customer service your residents expect and deserve.

Residential Management

Residential Management

Key Features of Residential Management

    The MRI Residential Management solution offers support for nearly all of your real estate management functions, such as accounting and residential lease processing including billing, reporting, project management, and facility maintenance. The system is scalable with automated processes and more efficient workflows which means you can expand your holdings without having to significantly increase headcount.
    As you manage your properties with the MRI Residential Management solution, the data you capture along the way, such as information associated with expenses and income, can then be used to measure performance against projections. This allows you to easily determine the true return on your investments, while providing you with information that can help increase the accuracy of assumptions that support decisions you make in the future.
    When you need support implementing or customizing your MRI solution, what better resource is there than MRI itself? The MRI Global Professional Services (GPS) team offers a consistent delivery experience, standardized work plans and templates, and a streamlined approach to help speed implementation and improve your time to value. Because of this, GPS is able to consistently deliver projects on budget and on time.


We are extremely pleased with the services and relationships we have received over the years with MRI Software. The flexibility of MRI’s solutions allows the software to be molded to our specific needs, thus increasing our efficiency and productivity

Harlan Miller, Vice President APT Management