Webinar August 26, 2021

Social Housing Business Resilience workshop in association with HQN

  • Webinar
  • August 26, 2021
  • 11.00am
  • Free with code MRITECH21
  • Webinar

Using technology to plan for the new world of work: a business resilience workshop

Whether its hybrid working or a complete return to the office, bringing people and visitors back to your office environments in a safe and flexible way is a must. MRI Social Housing are one of the largest technology suppliers to the sector, and have been dealing with these same challenges themselves. The session explores MRI’s own experiences and how the quick deployment of effective solutions can bring people back to the office in a way that suits their needs as well as the needs of the business.

In this session, we cover:

  • Managing the return to office – a global perspective (how MRI Software rolled out their own technology to support the different office requirements across the globe)
  • Creating a safe, flexible and productive work environment with space planning and reservation tools that empower employees to make optimal use of your workplace
  • Controlling the flow of employees and visitors in and out of the office with solutions that give you a full view of who is on-site and who is working remotely
  • Leveraging technology to evaluate usage and business demand, optimising your space and plan for the office of the future
  • Beyond Housing case study – how they have deployed Space Scheduling solutions to support their return to office.

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