Free up valuable time

Get easy access to accurate, unified, up to date lease data for day-to-day decision making.

Collaborate effectively

Never miss an opportunity to cut costs & improve operations with automated alerts and processes.

Optimise performance

Base strategic decisions on top line metrics and analysis by location, co-tenancy or store.

Don't make lease accounting harder than it needs to be

Unprecedented change calls for better operations and decision making

Leading your business into the next era means finding more time to think strategically. But you also need to drive efficiencies to cut costs and save money.  If lease documents are hard to find, the data is disorganised or you just don’t trust its accuracy and completeness none of these goals are achievable.  At times like these, you need a robust and flexible retail lease management platform to streamline operations and give you immediate insight into top line performance so you can navigate every decision effectively. 

Specialist retail lease management and accounting software

Make time to think and take strategic decisions to drive your business forward

lease accounting software

Lease abstraction

AI-driven data extraction so you can access a concise, uniform, easy-to-read summary of individual leases and lease portfolios.

lease accounting software

Automated alerts

Customised notifications and workflows to save time and ensure you never missed an opportunity to improve your lease portfolio and your business.

lease accounting software

IFRS 16 & ASC 842

Core accounting and financial reporting software to comply with accounting regulations, including ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

Functionality and features designed to help you grow your business

AI Lease Abstraction

Lessee & lessor accounting

AI Lease Abstraction

Capture critical data on financial, legal and business terms of a lease in a condensed, easy-to-read and updatable version, including data on co-tenancies, security deposits, CAM, TIAs, force majeure and percentage rent.

Automated Lease Administration

Discount rate management

Automated Lease Administration

Keep up to date with automated calculations of security deposit and TIA allowance recoveries. Customise reporting to provide the data and analysis you need when you need it to suit your business objectives.

Compliant Lease Accounting

Dual entity reporting

Compliant Lease Accounting

Create capitalisation schedules and automatically generate accurate and timely reports to demonstrate compliance with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 by compliance.

Reconciliation & Dispute Resolution

Exemption & classification

Reconciliation & Dispute Resolution

Automate and standardise the reconciliation process to produce high-quality and accurate financial statements to avoid incorrect payments , investigate discrepancies and take action.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Accounting periods

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Save time and let us manage your rent and operating expense payments, collect rent from tenants and resolve discrepancies and disputes.

Lease Audit

Disclosure reports

Lease Audit

Automatically identify the discrepancy …. IS THIS SAME AS RECONCILIATION AND DISPUT RESOLUTION?

Key Facts

Take lease accounting in your stride

How to navigate a legion of retail challenges

The challenges faced by retailers today are legion and the stakes have never been higher. 
We know that there a handful of key problems that must be overcome for any retail business to gain a lead in this market: 
● Getting top line sales visibility and analytics for quick responses
● Unlocking time away from day to day operations to think strategically and plan the future
● Having confidence in the integrity and completeness of data
● Accessing data at any time quickly and easily to drive fast decisions.

Our retail lease management software does everything our core lease management product does PLUS it’s jam packed with extra features and functionality to help you solve these challenges and more. 

3 steps to get the strategic and operational oversight you need

1. Book a discovery call

Tell us the challenges you want to solve and we'll show you how how our software works.

2. Get the right solution for your retail business

Benefit from MRI's experience in the sector to ensure you get a future proof solution.

3. Drive your business forward

Navigate turbulent times with the data and the time you need.

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