Whiteboard Wednesday – Residential Overview: Attract

Attracting Quality Residents

In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, MRI Software covers how it can help residential real estate owners and operators attract quality residents. From outbound marketing efforts for your property, to inbound automated communications software for property managers, MRI helps occupy millions of residential units worldwide.


Video Transcription

Nick: Hey, this is Nick with another Whiteboard Wednesday, today speaking about how MRI Software helps you to attract potential prospects and to make them residents. The first way that we do that is through promotion. We can do that through a lot of different ways, whether it’s pushing out ad campaigns through our market connect product, whether that’s creating ad listings, pushing out to multiple ILSs. What MRI Software enables you to do is to get your property out there on the internet so that people can see what it is that you have and become interested. That interest hopefully will result in some form of contact.

When I write contact, that doesn’t necessarily mean visiting the property. That can very easily mean talking to you online with our web chat feature. It could also mean calling and us having an automated communication system so that it can respond to whatever it is that they’re asking for based on the setup that you create on the back-end. That setup that you create is helping to personalize the experience. That’s just another way that MRI Software helps you when you are attracting these potential residents because we can process different on-hold music and different on-hold messaging when people are calling in. We can then personalize the greetings, other responses that might come through. All of that’s available through MRI’s system.

Lastly, let’s talk about evaluation. Being able to have all of these different promotion techniques are great. However, you may not know how well they are doing. MRI provides ad tracking, different analysis, and reporting on the different promotional techniques that you’re using to help better utilize the systems that we have and help better to engage prospects and turn them into residents.

That’s how MRI Software helps to attract. Please stay tuned next Wednesday when we then talk about how you get that prospect to lease. That’s your Whiteboard Wednesday for this week. Thank you very much.


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