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Self-Service Analytics

For today’s real estate managers and investors, business intelligence and analytics are more than an industry trend – they are a requirement for future success. Across commercial and retail real estate, users at all levels of your business need access to the right data, pulled from a comprehensive information supply chain.

Intuitive self-service tools empower line-of-business professionals within real estate organizations to generate reports and dashboards based on reliable data — without help from IT or expensive external contractors. Business users, asset managers, financial analysts, and executive decision makers can flex the data and tailor it without technical knowledge, and make better, faster decisions to stay ahead of the competition and market changes.

Watch Andy Birch, Director of Portfolio Marketing and Emmanuel Bensimon, Director of Performance Analytics to learn:

  • Why self-service analytics (SSA) is a game changer for the real estate industry
  • How SSA tools empower users to adjust reports and dashboards to meet specific requirements
  • How to edit data visualizations and reports to gain insight
  • How you can make better use of big data across your organization
  • Why MRI clients benefit from using analytics tools optimized to work with MRI

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