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Reforecasting During COVID-19: Providing Confidence in Times of Crisis

Over the last ten years, many reforecasts have been minor adjustments based on a relatively low percentage of unoccupied space. Due to the current crisis, this may be the first occasion that properties must perform a material reforecast. Rest assured MRI Budgeting and Forecasting will at least enable you to manage the process with confidence

Most forecasting processes take into account best case and worst case scenario planning, but the COVID-19 outbreak has forced companies to rapidly change their original assumptions. Many organizations now need to undertake reforecasting to more accurately reflect the evolving business conditions.

Join us for a review of how MRI Software clients can use our Budgeting and Forecasting solution to support the reforecasting process and deliver information to inform strategic decisions necessitated by a challenging market.

In this on-demand webinar session, you will hear from solution experts as they outline best practices, including:

  • Evaluating expense variations to inform future projections
  • Utilizing templates to Adjust Suite Market Rents and Downtime Assumptions
  • Export data to excel and reimport updated analysis into the system

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