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NAI Elliott triples COI compliance rate with Jones and MRI Software

About NAI Elliott

Based in Portland, Oregon, NAI Elliott is a full-service commercial real estate firm with a team of advisors, brokers and managers focused on leasing, property management, and construction management of large properties across the country. 

Business Challenge 

NAI Elliott needed a more efficient way to manage and report on certificates of insurance (COI) compliance to verify insurance for anyone working on the property, including vendors doing routine maintenance, one-off jobs, or those working for the tenants that lease space in the properties. Properly managing COI is critical to reducing liability and risk for an organization.  

Before implementing Jones, NAI Elliott’s Real Estate Managers and Assistant Real Estate Managers relied on multiple spreadsheets to track and review COIs. The information had to be manually entered into MRI Commercial Management for visibility into tenant and vendor compliance.  

Solution: Integrating Jones with MRI Commercial Management

The integration between Jones and MRI Commercial Management created new efficiencies and automations, allowing NAI Elliott to accurately manage tenant and vendor compliance.  

Business Impact 

  • 3X increase in compliance rate – The NAI Elliot team has tripled its compliance rates since using Jones, and the team is confident that all vendor and tenant COIs are in place.  
  • Shared data between Jones and MRI Commercial Management – Tenants listed in the MRI system are mirrored in Jones, which ensures that action taken in either system is reflected in the other without manual reconciliation. 
  • Automated compliance notifications – When a new tenant is added into the MRI system, Jones notifies the Assistant Real Estate Manager regarding COI compliance. Previously, staff had to manually compare and reconcile rent rolls to see which tenants were missing COIs and make sure they were filed properly. 
  • Time savings – The Jones-MRI integration saves significant time and effort for NAI Elliott, eliminating the need for rent roll reconciliations and the constant back-and-forth to keep up with which tenants have COIs and which ones don’t. Employees using Jones save many hours each week, giving them time back in their day to focus on other tasks. 
  • Portfolio compliance rate tracking – Management tools available in Jones enable NAI Elliott to keep track of COIs expiring and easily communicate compliance rates to property managers.

By using Jones and MRI together, our COI collection rates are nearly 100%. We can ensure that COIs are in place to protect our property owners.

– Linda Bice, Assistant Real Estate Manager and Special Projects, NAI Elliott 

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