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MRI Secure Sign – E-Signature Built for Real Estate

In light of the current obstacles faced by businesses around the world, MRI is taking steps to help our clients ensure business continuity. The printing, signing, and handling of important documents and contracts has changed dramatically in the digital age. The global pandemic has accelerated this change, and today it’s more important than ever that you can complete documents efficiently and effectively. This webinar will cover how using Secure Sign can help reduce costs in your business operations plus assist your staff in maintaining social distancing through signing documents digitally.

With MRI Secure Sign, you can now manage all your signed documents and contracts digitally – all with an integrated user experience. MRI Secure Sign allows you to keep up with real estate and property management transactions in one place to streamline document storage and workflow.

Join Andy Birch and Chris Demarest as they outline how MRI Secure Sign works and how it can benefit your business. You’ll learn:

  • How to create document workflows and dynamic document templates
  • How to send documents to multiple recipients
  • How MRI Secure Sign protects your sensitive documents

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