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Harbor Group Management improves maintenance efficiency, resident experience and team morale with ServusConnect and MRI Software

Harbor Group Management Co., LLC, based in Norfolk, VA, is an NMHC Top 50 Manager of residential apartment homes. They are committed to providing residents with safe and comfortable apartment homes, and are always assessing how they can improve upon the resident experience with new systems and processes.

Business Challenge

Harbor Group Management recognized that printed work orders were inefficient and created gaps in their ability to resolve service requests as quickly as possible and communicate the steps to resolution.


As an MRI Software user, Harbor Group Management narrowed their selection down to MRI integrating Solution Partners and found their answer in ServusConnect. ServusConnect simplifies the maintenance experience for property teams and creates a better resident experience.

“We now provide better customer service to our residents, improved employee morale, gained efficiencies and have a better business model that produces better results.”

Bob Lee, Director, Technical Services
Harbor Group Management

Work order efficiency improved significantly

Harbor Group Management must close approximately 5,000 work orders per week in order to maintain the influx of service requests. In 2020, prior to implementing ServusConnect, Harbor Group only closed out 5,000+ open work orders once. Since rolling out the new solution, Harbor Group closes 5,000+ work orders nearly every single week. That’s a direct result of efficiencies gained through ServusConnect.

Deployed to 42,000+ apartment homes and 800+ service team members in three months

Time to value was minimal thanks to the MRI integration, simple setup and efficient onboarding process. Harbor Group championed the value of ServusConnect, and ServusConnect ensured the staff would be trained quickly. The combined efforts of the teams accelerated roll-out, almost immediately improved team success and the resident experience. As Harbor Group Management continues to grow their portfolio, ServusConnect becomes a critical asset for improving and driving value.

Effective integration with MRI saves time and improves data accuracy

Harbor Group Management narrowed down their selection set to MRI Solution Partners. Along with being an excellent product, the ServusConnect-MRI integration only expanded its value. Maintenance teams utilize the ServusConnect features while MRI acts as the single truth for all data points related to each asset—ledger data, resident information, service requests, etc.

Automate tracking and review key insights previously unavailable

Before implementing ServusConnect, Harbor Group had to manually pull service request and maintenance data for the residents of their 40,000+ apartment homes. This cumbersome process was a huge time waster and prone to errors. That same information is now tracked automatically—along with many additional data points. Cumulative resident feedback, for example, was previously unavailable. Harbor Group can now tie a resident feedback score to individual properties and team members; a valuable metric for identifying training opportunities and for recognizing high performers.

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