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Enterprise Community Partners gains value and services from MRI Software’s data management solution

Enterprise Community Partners is a not-for-profit syndicator that works with developers and investors to build affordable housing through the income tax credit. Their mission is to make home and community places of pride, power, and belonging, and to ensure others a platform for resilience and upward mobility for all. To date, Enterprise has invested $52.9 billion to help create 662,000 homes.

Business Challenge

Enterprise sought to improve efficiencies in its data entry and management processes. All quarterly and year-end financial documents and tax returns were emailed directly to a centralized email box, leaving one or two people to sort through and determine in which of the many data management warehouses it belonged. Maintaining that data took a lot of time and effort. In addition, Enterprise had been bringing in temporary employees to work on audited financial statements and tax returns, which required constant training and made consistency from year to year a major challenge.


Enterprise Community Partners uses MRI Software’s Data Management Services to overcome its operational challenges and improve efficiency within its data entry and management processes.

Between efficiency and customer service, we’re getting huge value out of MRI Software.

Sunil Gupta, Vice President, Central Operations
Enterprise Community Partners

Business Impact

Since implementing Data Management Services, Enterprise has been able to reduce turnaround time for investor reporting and utilize top-notch customer support that’s enabled them to grow their business.

Time savings

Enterprise has used MRI Software’s Data Management Services for over 11 years to improve its delivery and timing of investor reporting. Previously, analysis of investor audits would take several more months to complete than necessary. They have been able to cut that turnaround time significantly with MRI’s data management solution.

Service and interaction with MRI Software

Enterprise’s relationship with MRI has brought them access to the client service and support needed to properly collect, process, review, and manage their investment data with relative ease. Enterprise is able to connect with a client support agent whenever help is needed, and MRI’s openness to feedback has created a helpful loop in which both companies benefit.

Strategic positioning in the industry

As a result of their use of MRI Software’s Data Management Services, Enterprise enjoys
the benefit of increased investor confidence. Having standardized collection and processing protocols for financial, occupancy, and year-end tax data, signals to investors that Enterprise values the integrity of their investment data and is a reliable, well-run business.

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