Case Studies

MRI Software helped key player in chemical manufacturing get ahead of lease accounting compliance

Element Solutions

We were able to get the look and feel of our company’s footprint quickly. And it all happened just by working with MRI’s implementation team.

– Patrick Dwyer, Technical Accounting Manager

4,000 employees
1,200 leases
$2billion in annual revenue

Proactive and prepared

A large public company with 50 locations across the globe, Element Solutions knew from the get-go it needed to get started with FASB ASC 842 implementation early.

The first step was identifying all of their leases and then choosing a software vendor.

Stakeholders from across the organization gathered and laid out a list of must have features.

Besides being compliant with the new lease accounting standard, the team wanted robust reporting and an easily configurable interface.

One of the great things about MRI Software is its document repository feature. Our team got excited about leveraging the tools we were bringing into the project for the implementation.

Why MRI Software?

Our leasing software houses over 300 reports developed for various aspects of lease management and the FASB ASC 842 standard. The Element Solutions team also found the software was designed in a way that made it highly configurable without any additional cost or programming. The expert service team was intrinsic to getting everything set up exactly how Element Solutions needed it to be.

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