Case Studies

Chicago Loop Alliance

With seven MRI counters along State Street and multiple count-lines monitored, the Chicago Loop Alliance has the highest concentration of MRI visitor count lines in one location.

Our approach

Formed in 1997, the Chicago Loop Alliance is a full-service Business Improvement District (BID) in Chicago, and the team has over 80 years of experience working with property owners, retailers, and contractors.

The Chicago Loop Alliance uses the data MRI OnLocation for footfall analytics provides to build business relationships and better understand the performance of merchants and pedestrians in the district.

Key Benefits

Pedestrian Counting
24-hour pedestrian counts

Real-time foot traffic data 24/7
Vehicle Counting

The Problem

The key areas of focus for Chicago are:

  • Planning and research
  • Placemaking and economic development
  • Enhanced services such as the ‘clean, safe and beautiful’ initiatives
  • Advocacy for the district

The Solution

The Chicago Loop Alliance has been collecting data with MRI Software since 2016 for pedestrian and vehicle traffic along the mile-long State Street. The counters overlook eighteen block faces along both sides of the street, covering nine blocks. Both vehicles and pedestrians are monitored from all possible directions entering and leaving the State Street.

The Results

MRI OnLocation reports are sent out weekly and monthly and distributed to over 70 property owners and investors. The reporting covers pedestrian counts on the street and those through the door, allowing merchants to plot their capture and conversion rates to analyze their performance over time.

MRI understands the counting complexity and detailed reporting that the Chicago Group Alliance requires, and presents a flexible, robust, and cost-effective solution. The MRI team has worked closely with the Chicago Group Alliance to refine reporting and maintain a great relationship with their Account Manager.

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