Preventative Maintenance - Electronic equipment repository
Electronic equipment repository

Easy access to a warehouse of information on all key building assets. Stay on top of expected replacement dates and manage component details.

Workspeed - Visitor Management
Contracts, warranties, and permits

Manage time sensitive documents with automated alerts and avoid coverage surprises.

Preventative Maintenance - Flexible scheduling and dispatch
Flexible scheduling and dispatch

Configurable schedules allow maintenance activities to comply with business scenarios and asset requirements. Effortless routing of activities to engineers and vendors.

Preventative Maintenance - Procedural database
Procedural database

Extend asset life spans through standardization of maintenance tasks and inspections. Adhere to industry best practices from the BOMA International Preventive Maintenance Guidebook.

Extend the life of your commercial real estate assets with preventive maintenance.

Workspeed Preventive Maintenance leverages commercial real estate best practices and standards to ensure effective maintenance programs that extend asset life spans. Equipment libraries, along with management of service contracts and warranties, empower on-time maintenance and inspections of all crucial assets. Procedural databases ensure maintenance standardization as well as empower knowledge transfer during staff reallocation.

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