Vendor Pay - Multiple payment methods
Multiple payment methods

Pay vendors via check, ACH electronic payment, or virtual credit card.

Vendor Pay - End-to-end automation
End-to-end automation

Pay all your vendors and view payment status without leaving the MRI system.

Vendor Pay - Cost savings
Cost savings

MRI Vendor Pay can reduce the cost of invoice management by up to 80%.

Vendor Pay - Batch payments
Batch payments

Submit one transaction to pay all your vendors with one-button batch processing capabilities.

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Automate your payment processes with MRI Vendor Pay powered by AvidXchange

We’ve got a better way to pay your vendors. With MRI Vendor Pay powered by AvidXchange, MRI users can automate the payment process and reduce costs. Whether you’re paying via check, ACH electronic payment, or virtual credit card, you can pay all your vendors through a single transaction. With end-to-end automation between the AvidXchange payment network and MRI, you have the freedom to view the status of your payments from within the MRI system.

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