Personalized delivery options

Send messages to commercial tenants via voice, text, or email depending on their preferred method of communication.

Two-way communication

The automated communications tool closes the feedback loop and allows tenants to respond to questions or provide status updates.

Increase tenant engagement

Reassure tenants that important messages will reach them in a timely manner to ensure awareness for all staff.

Rapid feedback

Intuitive dashboards and reporting deliver insights that aid in more efficient decision making. Keep your database clean by tracking undeliverable messages – and update regularly.

Send the right message with automated tenant communication software

Commercial property managers and landlords need effective tenant communication software to provide relevant, timely information to tenants. MRI's purpose-built communication solution allows you to share important updates with your properties, from building operations information to maintenance notices and other timely messages.

MRI Tenant Communications is a comprehensive automated communications tool that helps you communicate with tenants via their preferred method of contact, including text message, email, or phone call. Build lasting relationships with your tenants by creating a trustworthy communications plan that keeps them informed and sends applicable information to relevant groups. Improve efficiency for your property management team with an easy-to-use system that provides delivery confirmation, dashboards, and reporting.


  • Reach the right recipients by organizing your contacts into groups and sending messages to the relevant parties.

  • Send notifications efficiently with individual and/or bulk messaging using text (SMS), email and voice.

  • Send messages immediately or schedule for a future time or date.

  • Share information about important announcements regarding safety and security, or a tenant appreciation event.

  • Utilize text to speech to create voice recordings, and personalize messages with recipient names.

  • Enable two-way messaging with tenants to gather responses to questions or status updates.

  • Gather accurate data with detailed reporting to track message delivery and tracking.

  • Use the mobile app to keep your team productive and connected, even when not in the office.

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