Analytix Portal

Flexible real estate business intelligence for faster, accurate decision making

The amount of data at your fingertips today is astounding. But without a simple tool, it only makes key business decisions more difficult. Analytix Portal is a centralized and flexible business intelligence platform that empowers analysts and executives with smart insights and clean data. Explore and understand your data to make better decisions that inform key stakeholders in ways that make a difference for your business – and your bottom line. Analytix Data Store is a centralized, flexible business intelligence environment designed specifically for the real estate industry. MRI clients and partners with their own BI tools can pull in data via secure APIs to the Analytix Data Store for faster, more accurate decision making and reporting. Drill into the detail behind any of the reports and visualizations to see account and/or lease level detail, including financial and non-financial data, to speed up the decision-making process.


Data visualization

Assess trends and identify the impact of key market indicators so you can take action long before the competition. Visibility into complex data shows real estate executives where to focus.

Portfolio analysis

Prevent problems before they impact your bottom line by recognizing obstacles to asset performance. Analyze geospatial information and identify the best mix of tenants to maximize success.

Maximize performance

Gain insight into fundamental shifts in asset and lease mix as well as changing market dynamics by visualizing performance.

Executive-level dashboards

Make quick, precise decisions and shorten the length of your meetings with access to interactive reports and actionable data.

Analytix Portal


  • Answer business questions faster with instant insight into performance, trends, outliers and other indicators.

  • Make better informed decisions through data filters, interaction and exploration.

  • Uncover new business opportunities with attribution and exposure analysis.

  • Move your decision makers from reactive management to proactive planning with interactive and collaborative dashboards.

  • Gain insights anywhere with a centralized, secure, and optimized database for mobile access.

  • Utilize self-service visualizations, analytics and ad hoc querying.

The flexibility and self-service capabilities of Analytix were appealing to us. With a curated data store, our staff can create reports and dashboards more quickly, saving us valuable time by not having to build the data sources ourselves.
Amy Aldworth | Systems Analyst - Rowley Properties


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