Platform X

A flexible real estate software platform with integrations to fit your business

MRI’s revolutionary Platform X is the future of real estate technology. It’s flexible enough to act as the central hub of your infrastructure, allowing you to add modules and third-party applications to handle specific business functions. Integrations allow users to work more efficiently by performing diverse tasks from within a single system. Multiple departments within your organization can all work from the same central repository without compromising functionality.

Users get a streamlined experience with the ability to perform a range of tasks from within one system, instead of having to log in and out of multiple systems. The SaaS and web-based functionality of Platform X provides the ultimate flexibility for users to access property information online from desktop and mobile devices, while keeping data secure. MRI’s Partner Connect ecosystem is driven by a commitment to integration with third-party providers so you can always choose the right application for the way you do business.

Freedom and flexibility

Future-proof your real estate business with a SaaS and web-based offering for anytime, anywhere access.

Single experienceTM

A modern, intuitive interface to support multiple lines of business through a single experience for users.

Scalable solution

Get the freedom and flexibility to expand your business without being limited by your software.

Platform X


  • Centralized property data ensures accuracy across integrated systems and reduces manual processes.

  • International residential property management includes functionality to support local and regional markets.

  • Work more efficiently and securely with Single Sign-On capabilities.

  • Find the information you need with one global search that covers all records and databases.

  • Gain flexibility without compromising your data integrity or security.

  • Access the latest advancements and new modules as they are released.

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