Application Gateway

Enter the open and connected ecosystem through MRI Application Gateway

MRI Application Gateway presents a single point of entry to your unique real estate software ecosystem. Streamline your navigation and simplify the user experience with access to all your applications through an ‘app store’ type interface.

MRI Application Gateway encompasses data integration and cross-functional workflow for applications and products with different datasets, delivering a true Single ExperienceTM for MRI users. Through MRI Application Gateway, users can take advantage of the comprehensive suite of MRI applications on Platform X as well as partner products across all solution areas.

Secure identity management

With single sign-on and role-based security, MRI Application Gateway ensures controlled access to data and applications.

Simplified user experience

Users can personalize the launch screen and easily switch between apps to streamline workflow and navigation.

Comprehensive access

Get a complete view of your financial and accounting ecosystem with access to all your MRI and partner solutions from one intuitive interface.

Application Gateway


  • Access MyMRI support portal and the MRI Training Academy directly from Application Gateway.

  • Personalize the launch screen to display only the apps you need.

  • Leverage role-based security to authorize and control access for users.

  • Access MRI products and partner solutions from one place for a comprehensive view of your financial and accounting ecosystem.

  • Effortlessly integrate with third-party identity providers such as Okta to ensure enterprise-wide identity management.

  • Quickly move between the different applications that you use.


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