Clean data, smart investment decisions, high fives all around.

Managing investments for real estate is a daunting task with disarrayed tools and processes. Let’s rally the troops. Whether you’re an investor, owner, operator, or manager, you need visibility and peace of mind to keep moving forward. You’re in luck — we’ve been making lives easier since 1971. We think of your needs when we build our products, all to give you accurate investment information.

Investment Modeling

Evolving markets and economic uncertainty demand that investors be prepared. It's time for a situation report. MRI's Investment Modeling software enables big-picture strategic planning and gives you a competitive edge in the market.

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Investment Management

You can't get a view of the playing field when you're pulling weeds. From deal analysis to investment reporting — we're getting you back to managing your portfolio performance and your investors, not your data.

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Data Management Services

Let's get you out of "drinking from a firehose" mode and into clean, focused data for your portfolio. Actionable insights come from curated data. Our Data Management Services are secure, scalable, and just plain slick.

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