Building pulse

Track and measure portfolio health according to specific success criteria, identify immediate opportunities for improvement, and create an efficient operational experience.

Personalized dashboards

Tailored dashboards allow for review of live building and operational details. Property, tenant, and staff level information provide focus areas for assessment.

Asset Analytics & Audit Trail

Easy access to an extensive variety of standard and customizable dashboards and reports. Access a complete maintenance history of building assets.

Gain visibility into key performance indicators for your building operations

Workspeed Business Analytics provides quick visibility of key performance indicators that facilitate more informed business decisions. The solution provides easy access to an extensive variety of standard and tailored dashboards populated in real time. An extensive repository of standard reports allow for all operational information to be accessed as needed, while reporting filters allow each report to be fine-tuned to your unique business needs. Increase efficiency and leverage automation capabilities by scheduling frequently used reports to automatically generate and get distributed out to your team. Users can view critical operations metrics such as service request time to completion, tenant satisfaction levels, and a complete maintenance history of building assets.

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