Synchronize key property information

Key data about all suites, tenants & leases added or updated in Commercial Management will automatically transfer to Workspeed for processing.

Integrated accounting information

Tenant charge data flows from the Workspeed solution to Property Management for a more streamlined accounting experience and improved revenue capture.

Task-oriented To-Do list

Easy-to-follow to-do lists automatically organize items and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Enhanced integration between Commercial Management & Building Operations

Key property information effortlessly flows between Commercial Management and Workspeed Building Operations applications. Whenever you add, change or deactivate a suite, tenant or lease, you can ensure consistent information between these two powerful solutions without the need for duplicate entry. Charge data in Workspeed Building Operations can be transferred to Commercial Management on-demand or via a schedule for tenant bill backs. Mapped items between Commercial Management and Workspeed Building Operations can be reviewed and adjusted through integration management tools.

Find out more

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