Automated Communications- Office Management and Maintenance
Manage Board Activity

Easily track and manage board activities including voting, communications and association documents.

Analytix Data Store- Increased flexibility
Customizable Dashboards

Improve revenue tracking with insight into aged delinquencies, sublease allotments, violations, and more.

MRI Inspections- Rock-solid documentation
Document Management

Manage and store documents electronically for owners and subleases.

Rapid Reports - Drag-and-drop interface
Automated Tracking

Track service requests, work order billing, maintenance fees, and more.

Improve your condo, co-op and HOA management capabilities

To manage condominiums, cooperatives or homeowners associations, you need a solution that fits with your unique needs. MRI Software’s Condo Management gives you the freedom to run your property management operation the way you want. Specifically developed for the unique requirements of the marketplace, Condo Management operates within MRI’s industry-leading Residential Management and Accounting platforms.

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