MRI Software and POPIA

As a global organisation with offices, people and data located at multiple locations across the world, MRI Software recognises the importance of protecting data and complying with jurisdictional data laws.

This page provides a summary of POPIA in relation to MRI and the various software solutions provided by MRI only. All answers are provided based upon MRI’s interpretation of the POPIA legislation. MRI is not providing legal advice, and we advise our clients to consult with their own independent legal counsel for any information related to compliance with POPIA.

Please note, that this page will be updated regularly, check back for more updates.

POPIA Frequently Asked Questions

What is POPIA?

Does POPIA apply to the MRI products?

In what capacity does MRI process personal information?

What types of personal information are held within the MRI systems and who are the data subjects of that personal information?

Do we need to get consent from every data subject about whom we hold Personal Information?

Does MRI use third-party data centres for holding personal information?

What software changes are being made in order to better manage POPIA?

What organisational measures does MRI have in place to protect our personal information?

How do I ensure the security of Personal Information?

Does MRI have a process in place for notification, containment and remediation in the event of a data breach?

If we receive a request for personal information that is currently being held in the MRI SaaS active system, how can we get that information from MRI?

How do we permanently delete Personal Information after the end of its retention period, or on a right to be forgotten request?

How long does MRI hold our data within its system and its backups?

Can I run an audit of MRI’s system so that I am satisfied with its security?

How can I comply with a data subject’s request to correct their personal information within the SaaS System?

Does MRI have an information manager or an equivalent?

Does MRI have data protection terms and conditions that cover POPIA?


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