Planet FM Enterprise – Latest Developments | 1 September 2006

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FDS’ own mobile data solutions and a new digital dashboard are just two of the latest enhancements to Planet FM Enterprise.

One of the most comprehensive CAFM systems on the market
Since its launch in 2005, Planet FM Enterprise has been further enhanced to remain one of the most comprehensive facilities management systems on the market. The latest raft of developments has seen the introduction of a new digital dashboard, the launch of FDS’ own mobile data solutions and a greatly expanded condition survey module. See FDS on Stand D51 at TWM where it will be demonstrating the latest developments, including its mobile solutions.

Digital dashboard
The digital dashboard is just one of the latest additions to Planet FM Enterprise. The dashboard organises and presents the information held within Planet in a single place and is an ideal management tool. It displays a graphical representation of key events within Planet, giving management the ability to view a snapshot of activities extracted from the system. The dashboard could be set up to show the number of help desk calls taken on a particular day or over a particular month; or how many incomplete help desk calls are still on the system. Several events are built in as standard including the number of contracts due to expire that month; the cost of work orders for a particular location; how many work orders weren’t resolved in the last year; the number of health and safety incidents in the last year; and so forth. Users can configure the dashboard to their own specific requirements displaying their own user-defined queries.

Mobile data solutions
FDS has recently launched its own mobile solutions for Planet FM Enterprise. Communication with Planet can be via a range of solutions including WiFi, cradle, GPRS, Bluetooth or USB. Planet’s mobile solutions can be used for work order management where engineers receive work orders in real time via their PDA device – whether they work on a single site or across multiple locations. Work orders can contain instructions, safety procedures and risk assessments and can be closed via the PDA. Planned and reactive jobs can be combined reducing paper-based orders and travel time and increasing worker productivity. Details including travel time, mileage and indirect bookings can all be entered into the system and a comprehensive timesheet can be built from the information entered into the system. Investing in mobile technology enables resources to be scheduled more effectively and because data is collected in a ‘live’ situation, dual entry of data is removed resulting in reduced administration costs and more accurate information for more informed decision-making.

Condition surveys
Planet FM Enterprise’ condition survey module has been greatly enhanced and enables users to assess and record the condition of buildings and their elements and compliance with fire and statutory safety requirements. Users can then record details such as expected life, consequence and likelihood of failure, resulting in a calculated overall risk factor. The cost of keeping an asset in an acceptable condition and the cost and planned timescale of any backlog maintenance required can also be recorded. An overall cost plan for backlog maintenance can then be managed and used to inform decisions about frequency of maintenance plans. Using these risk-based assessments, managers can decide where to reduce planned maintenance when the equipment is in good condition and the health and safety and potential business interruption risks are minimal. Reducing planned maintenance for some equipment could lead to substantial cost savings. Planet can help users to create long-term maintenance plans and costs, helping them to plan for the future more effectively.

For more information or to set up a demonstration, please contact:
Steve Jones, Qube Global Software
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