Webinar February 17, 2021

[Webinar] Fixed Asset Accounting Live: Ask Questions, Get Answers.

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  • Webinar
  • February 17, 2021
  • 2:00 PM ET
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Does the thought of managing your real estate fixed assets give you a headache? This complex and time-consuming process doesn’t have to be completely manual. Join us to learn how to save money on your fixed assets and stop taking on risk by relying on spreadsheets.

This session will be tailor-made for you! Join a panel of MRI Fixed Asset Accounting experts including Product Manager, Jon Martin, and Sr Product Marketing Manager, Andy Welkley, and even a special guest or two, as they answer YOUR questions about Fixed Asset Accounting, best practices and MRI’s solution. There is no limit to what they will discuss, but you can be sure they will cover topics like:

  • How to best automate journal entries
  • How to ensure compliance with US and international regulations
  • How to reduce your overall tax obligation
  • How to (no longer have to) calculate depreciation manually
  • And, whatever else is on your mind!

You can send in questions via the email below or pose questions LIVE during the Meet-Up and the team will be able to help you. Better yet, you will hear from your peers as they ask questions and get answers to questions you may not have even thought of.

This is your time to ask your most pressing questions and get answers from the experts

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