Webinar November 17, 2021

[Webinar] ASC 842: Tools, Solutions, and Services to Ensure Compliance

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  • Webinar
  • November 17, 2021
  • 1:00 PM ET
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Maintaining lease accounting compliance is a top priority for any organization who leases space. However, questions about deadlines or technology effectiveness may arise when addressing compliance. You need to draw on vital information from lease documents and ensure there aren’t any data mistakes or gaps. As you work to maintain compliance, it’s important to have the right technology to help you abstract or import your leases into a system.

Join us for this educational webinar, where you will:

  • Learn what ASC 842 entails so you can achieve compliance
  • Compare the difference between ineffective and effective lease accounting solutions
  • Understand what your priorities are and what critical data you need to fulfill ASC 842 without any setbacks to your lease administration practices
  • Observe how lease abstraction tools like MRI Contract Intelligence and our Managed Services team can help ensure compliance and assist you in obtaining complete and accurate lease data to calculate your lease accounting figures.

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