General Ledger

Automate the most complicated calculations and journal entries to better manage portfolios

MRI’s real estate Enterprise General Ledger software is designed to support the most sophisticated corporate consolidated and portfolio accounting requirements. It can manage all inter-entity ownership structures while flexibly supporting joint ventures, fund modeling, and portfolio level reporting. Enterprise General Ledger combines with MRI’s General Ledger application, extending the capabilities into a powerful, comprehensive reporting tool that brings together financial information from all integrated systems.


Greater ownership management

Manage and track the full range of ownership types, structures, allocations, and hierarchies, defining an unlimited number of levels.

Corporate accounting

Take charge of corporate accounting by controlling the flow of activity between entities with powerful, calculated journal entry functionality.

Efficient solutions

Utilize multi-angle reporting, a detailed drill-down feature and multi-currency capabilities to streamline workflow.

Time-saving features

Automated loan amortization creates the appropriate journal entries, saving time for your staff.

General Ledger


  • Reflect the way you do business with automated inter-entity offsets you can establish yourself.

  • Save time and reduce errors with automated processes for creating offsetting line items to balance ledgers.

  • Leave reverse journal entries to the software solution.

  • Enhance reporting with built-in flexibility that ensures you can control which entries belong where.

  • Review supporting report information with continuous drill down capabilities.

  • Boost system power by combining with General Ledger.

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