Stay in control with comprehensive tools that assist in asset valuation, risk assessment, and planning for growth

Real-time Data

Gain confidence in your property and financial data that reduces errors and maintains accuracy

Flexible Planning

Adapt quickly to changing market conditions and effectively optimize return for stakeholders and investors

Portfolio visibility

Get a comprehensive view across all levels of your investment portfolio for full life-cycle investment management

Real estate investment management software that makes a difference.

Whether you’re an investor, owner, operator, or manager, you need the ability to adapt quickly to ever-changing market conditions. Making informed decisions and effectively planning for any scenario is crucial to managing your real estate investment portfolio, and it all starts with reliable data.

Gain renewed efficiency in your investment accounting operations with a comprehensive suite of real estate investment management software solutions that make your life easier and give you an edge on the competition.

Manage your growing portfolio without limits

Investor Reporting

Investor Reporting

Give your investors accurate, up-to-date visibility into their investment portfolio.

Investment Accounting

Investment Accounting

Automate your entire consolidated financial reporting requirements and improve operational efficiency.

Fund Management

Fund Management

Fund management and analysis provides insights into the impact of trends and market shifts on your investment portfolio.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Get the right tools to evaluate development plans and capital projects, maximize return potential, and forecast asset and portfolio performance.

Debt Management

Debt Management

View and manage debt across your portfolio with an integrated solution that shows all your debt information. Manage debt as a liability or an asset, without relying on spreadsheets.

Data Management Services

Data Management Services

Let’s get you out of “drinking from a firehose” mode and into clean, focused data for your portfolio. Actionable insights come from curated data. Our Data Management Services are secure, scalable, and just plain slick.

Maximize performance and reduce risk with MRI Investment Management

A comprehensive real estate investment management solution plays a key role in the success of your organization. Whether you’re an investor, owner, operator, or manager, you need visibility and peace of mind to keep moving forward and monitor portfolio performance.

Learn how you can achieve your vision for the future with MRI Investment Management.

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