Debt Management

Integrated debt management to streamline accounting operations

MRI’s Debt Management software for real estate extends your accounting platform to give you control over all your debt information. View everything from terms of loans and lenders to contractual and abstract information for your debt contracts. A web-based calculation engine can even show you all future principal and interest payments over time through the maturity of the loan. Then, it can add the calculated principal and interest payments as journal entries back into your accounting system. Manage debt as a liability or an asset, without relying on spreadsheets that can’t integrate or scale.

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  • Gain a better picture of your organization’s standing by viewing any loan type in any region or category.

  • Reduce operational inefficiencies in the loan payment management process.

  • Remove manual effort from your processes with easy automation.

  • Reduce risks of bad data with the powerful payment calculation engine that shows all commitments through the end of a loan.

  • Streamline your business processes by integrating with General Ledger.

  • Bolster data integrity with a better view of your data.

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