Budgeting and Forecasting - Automate budgeting and forecasting for property management and accounting

Automate budgeting and forecasting for property management and accounting

Streamline financial accounting with our property Budgeting and Forecasting software. By leveraging the data from your MRI Financials system, your budget teams can quickly produce dynamic budgets and forecasts with increased accuracy and speed. Configurable analytics and reports provide actionable insights generated from lease-level detail. Make better decisions for your property management portfolio by eliminating the challenges of manual data entry, version control, and time-consuming import/export processes.


Centralized Budgeting

Facilitate collaboration while maintaining data integrity with a single source for property and financial data.

Configurable leasing assumptions

Produce precise business projections with lease renewals/expirations, speculative leases, retail sales, and recovery estimates.

Access current and historical data

Find the financial information you need, from today and years past, including rent steps, escalations, recovery charges, and more.

Intuitive user interface

Navigate with spreadsheet-like views, keyboard shortcuts, and multiple graphical views including suite, lease, and general ledger.


  • Provide greater visibility into financial performance with tailored analytics and configurable budget reports.

  • Increase efficiency and improve collaboration with a single, centralized budgeting tool.

  • Produce more accurate budgets and forecasts with detailed property and financial data from your MRI Financials system.

  • Gain better control over budget access with user-defined security and client-defined workbooks and teams.

  • Access current and historical financial data, including rent steps, escalations, recovery charges, and more.

  • Save valuable time with single-click creation and posting.


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