What are property maintenance services?

Maintaining your multifamily property is about more than just keeping it looking good; it’s crucial for the property’s long-term success. Regular maintenance ensures that your property is a safe and comfortable place for tenants, helps avoid the expense of major repairs, and contributes to increasing the property’s value over time. By consistently providing a high-quality living environment, you’re likely to see happier tenants and ensure high occupancy rates.

For landlords and property managers, the challenge of managing maintenance tasks can be overwhelming. It involves a mix of routine checks, repair work, and responding to tenant requests, which all demand time, effort, and expertise. This is where property maintenance services step in, offering a way to manage these duties more effectively.

In this guide, we look at what are property maintenance services, the common tasks they handle, and the benefits of using these services for your multifamily property.

What is general property maintenance?

General property maintenance is the routine tasks and services performed to keep a property in good condition. This includes a variety of jobs, from landscaping and cleaning to minor repairs and painting. Routine general maintenance will ensure that every aspect of the property is functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

The purpose of general property maintenance is to identify small issues before they become big problems that can be costly and disruptive for tenants. It also plays a crucial role in tenant retention, as well-maintained properties are more likely to keep tenants satisfied and reduce turnover rates. For landlords, regular maintenance helps maintain the property’s value and the success of your investment.

Property maintenance service providers carry out general property management tasks. They will use a scheduled maintenance plan that outlines when and how each task is to be performed, ranging from daily cleaning to annual checks of the HVAC system. By employing skilled maintenance professionals, you can ensure your property is always appealing to current or prospective tenants.

Examples of property maintenance tasks

There are numerous maintenance tasks that must be regularly completed to keep a multifamily property running smoothly.

Here’s a look at some common tasks:

Cleaning surfaces

Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining a property’s appearance and hygiene. This includes sweeping, mopping, dusting, and sanitizing surfaces in common areas and individual units. Monthly window cleaning is also a common maintenance task.

Undertaking repairs

Repairs are a natural part of property maintenance, addressing everything from leaky faucets to malfunctioning HVAC systems. Promptly fixing these issues ensures the property remains habitable and comfortable for tenants while also preventing unnecessary costs of major repairs.

Maintaining utility systems

Utility systems such as plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) require regular checks and maintenance. This ensures they operate efficiently, reducing energy costs and preventing breakdowns that could disrupt tenant comfort and safety.

Ensuring buildings are in excellent condition

Keeping the buildings on the property in excellent condition is essential for preserving the aesthetic appeal and maintaining the property value. This can include a range of maintenance tasks, such as painting, fixing broken windows, and repairing exterior damage.

Why would you use property maintenance services?

Using property maintenance services is a growing multifamily trend, and one of the main reasons is how it contributes to tenant satisfaction. Property maintenance services ensure that all aspects of the property are in good working order and aesthetically pleasing, contributing to a positive living environment. With these services, property managers and landlords have happy tenants who are more likely to renew their leases, leading to stable rental income.

Here are some of the other benefits you can expect when allocating maintenance tasks to an expert service provider:

Expertise and experience

Property maintenance services bring a level of expertise and experience that can be hard to match with in-house maintenance staff. These professionals are trained to handle a wide variety of maintenance tasks, from plumbing and electrical work to landscaping and structural repairs. Their knowledge ensures that maintenance is done correctly the first time, reducing the risk of recurring issues and the costs associated with them.

2. Cost efficiency

Employing property maintenance services can be more cost-effective in the long run. Outsourcing maintenance services reduces the need for landlords and property managers to invest in specialized equipment and training. These service providers also often have access to materials and equipment at a lower cost due to their industry connections. There are also the cost-savings of identifying small issues before they turn into major repairs.

3. Save time

Property maintenance can be time-consuming, especially for multifamily properties with numerous units. Outsourcing these tasks frees up time for landlords and property managers to focus on other important aspects of property management, such as tenant relations and property development. It also means maintenance issues are addressed more quickly, enhancing tenant satisfaction.

4. Compliance and safety

Keeping up with the various codes and regulations that apply to multifamily properties can be daunting. Property maintenance services are knowledgeable about local building codes, safety regulations, and compliance requirements. They ensure that your property meets all legal standards, protecting you from potential fines and legal issues whilst ensuring the safety of your tenants.

Stay on top of property maintenance with multifamily property software

At MRI Software, we understand how important maintenance is for ensuring tenant satisfaction and maintaining your property value. Our multifamily property software streamlines the tracking and management of maintenance tasks, from scheduling regular inspections to responding to tenant maintenance requests. By integrating outsourced maintenance services with our advanced software, you can ensure timely and effective property maintenance.

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