The MRI H!GH 5: Weekly Property Management News

The MRI H!GH 5: Weekly Property Management News

With all the various industry news publications out there, staying in the loop can be a daunting task. That’s why each week in the H!GH 5, we will be selecting the most relevant and important news articles in the property management and real estate industry. Check back every Friday for the latest list of top stories.

Here’s our list of top property management news articles for the week of September 4, 2016: HighFive_June2016_A

  1. If it LEEDs, it bleeds (money) (Author – Rich Bockmann, The Real Deal)

According to the JDS Development Group, LEED projects are becoming less desirable, while sustainable projects are seeing more growth and popularity. Many feel that LEED certifications have less credibility, going as far as saying that one can qualify for a LEED project if they simply pay enough money. Find out why developers are moving more towards “sustainable properties.”

  1. Tech: You May Not Embrace It, But Don’t Ignore It (Author – John Salustri,

With the age of technology upon us, it’s time we educate ourselves and evolve our businesses with the trends. At the CCIM Thrive Conference, NAI Global CEO, Jay Olshonsky, explained that in order to look credible when presenting to a firm, you need to be curious and know enough about the technology out there. John Salustri gives us the details on Olshonsky’s advice.

  1. Data Center Properties Create a Powerful Pull (Author – Diana Bell, National Real Estate Investor)

Big data is making its way to the forefront of technology. From the cloud, to video streaming, data is all around us, making the need for data centers a growing demand. This presents a huge opportunity for real estate investors. Diana Bell gives us the details surrounding data center property growth.

  1. How to make sure you don’t get burned in a real estate investment (Author – Justin Pierce, The Washington Post)

Investments require great risk and investors often give away their money too easily. Investing in real estate is marketed to look easy, however, it requires a lot of experience in the field. Justin Pierce advises that lenders invest in the operator of a project as much as the project itself. Find out why this is so important.

  1. Challenging REITs’ Thinking On Property Management (Author – Paul Bubny,

REITs have gotten used to being able to manage their own properties, but according to CBRE, using a third party may be a better option. Their property management program for REITs aims to save real estate trusts up to 62% in onside management costs and 24% in management fees. Paul Bubny lets us know what CBRE is doing to make this program successful.


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