The MRI H!GH 5: Weekly Property Management News

With all the various industry news publications out there, staying in the loop can be a daunting task. That’s why each week in the H!GH 5, we will be selecting the most relevant and important news articles in the property management and real estate industry. Check back every Friday for the latest list of top stories.

Here’s our list of top property management news articles for the week of March 27, 2016:

  1. Will CMBS Uncertainty Impact Valuations? (Author- Carrie Rossenfeld,

As the CMBS market continues to slow, the capital-markets sector is expected to take a hit as well. sits down with Robert Brunswick, CEO of Buchanan Street Partners, to talk about costs on CMBS loans, asset values, and more.

  1. Can Apt. Supply Meet The Coming Demand? (Author- Paul Bubny,

The annual study of rental housing done by Harvard revealed that renter households make up 37% of all households in the U.S. The study points out that demand is increasing more quickly than the supply, which could mean less affordable options. CEO of Lloyd Jones pens an open letter about this matter, while CEO of Holland Partner group testifies before congress.

  1. Why Millennials Are About to Leave Cities in Droves (Author- David Z. Morris, Fortune)

Millennials have been known to love the city life, but it seems as if that was just a passing phase. A recent study shows that the largest cohort of millennials will now be starting families and shifting preferences, driving them out of cities and into the suburbs. David Morris gives us more details about what may be in store for city living.

  1. Will Foreign Investors Remain Major CRE Buyers in 2016? (Author- Randyl Drummer, CoStar)

2015 was a record year for foreign investment in the U.S., but is now showing signs of a decline, possibly due, in part, to a decrease in oil prices. Analysts are closing watching the trend, as a decline in foreign capital could have an impact on major gateway markets. Randyl drummer reports on the details of the decline.

  1. Retailers Hunt for Real Estate Options Other than Store Closures (Author- Mark Heschmeyer, CoStar)

Rather than closing their stores after poor year-end performances, many brands are searching for other options. A growing number of brands seeking to increase the relevance of their real estate portfolios to compete against the increase in online shopping. Mark Heschmeyer gives us the details on the strategies some stores are using to stay in the game.

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